CHMC Workshop

Workshop on Human Machine Systems

HRL Laboratories, LLC cordially invites you to a invited workshop to bring together members of communities in research and development from industry, government, academia, high-tech, and creative industries. The purpose of the workshop is to provide an intimate, collaborative environment for generating the challenges and ideas that will shape our futures in systems that combine humans and machines. The workshop will be conducted at our site in Malibu, CA, and consist of 3 sessions:
  • Cyborg Systems: Brain-Body-Machine Hybrids
  • Hybrid Teams: Optimizing Human & Machine Teams
  • Active Environments: Science of Human, Cyborg, Machine Interactions
Each session includes an inspiring talk by a thought leader in the field, and group breakout sessions. The workshop concludes with a live collaboration to document the shared ideas to foster future partnerships, and a panel discussion to discuss the critical issues we face in advancing human machine systems. Meals are provided to all attendees.

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Email: rajan[at]

Dr. Rajan Bhattacharyya
Leader, Center for Human Machine Collaboration

Information & Systems Sciences Lab
HRL Laboratories, LLC
3011 Malibu Canyon Road
Malibu, CA 90265